Pennvention 2018 First Round Application
The deadline to submit your application is Saturday, February 24th, 2018 at 11:59 pm EST. To be eligible for consideration, your team must provide a 5-slide deck summarizing your startup idea. Direct any questions to
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Who are your team members? *

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Name, Email, School, Degree, Major, Grad Year

John Smith,, SEAS, BSE, Computer Science, 2020
Jane Doe,, Wharton, MBA, Marketing, 2019
REQUIRED - Upload your team's slide deck to:

In order to advance to the next round, your team must submit a slide deck of at most 5 slides (not including a title slide) summarizing your startup idea.

Name your slide deck "PV18-[Team Name].pdf" (PDF submission is preferable, but PPT files will also be accepted).

In general, your slide deck should contain:
1. Team information, respective project roles, and any mentors/advisers.
2. An overview of the issue your project seeks to solve (including relevant market/use statistics).
3. A technical summary of your idea and any important references.
4. A timeline for the next 6~ months outlining next steps and relevant costs
Did you submit your 5-slide deck to the Pennvention Dropbox? *

How did you hear about Pennvention? *

Feel free to share any additional, relevant information. Note, however, that only your team's slide deck will be considered in evaluation for advancing to the semifinal round.

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